Call of Cthulhu : Tutankhamen's Tomb

Find of the Century!
Events thus far

June 1922

Lord Carnarvon has been financing the archaeological expedition led by Howard Carter for several years now. However, he is starting to lose his patience and summons Carter to Highclere Estate in England where he issues an ultimatum that he will only finance the expedition for 1 more season unless results are forthcoming.

Howard Carter leaves London in a gloom and heads back to Egypt to continue the dig. He feels that he is close to finding the tomb but it still continues to elude him. To bring the expedition luck, he purchases a yellow canary in London as yellow signifies Ra, the Sun God and brings it back to Egypt with him.

4th November 1922

During a dig, steps are found. As more soil is cleared away, the steps clearly lead down to a tomb door with intact guardian seals, the name of Tutankhamun is clearly shown in the hieroglyphics. Hieroglyphs of Anubis, the protector of the tomb are also clearly visible.

Carter is excited and at once moves to dispatch a telegram to Lord Carnarvon to inform him of the find. Upon returning to his house for the evening, a strange sound was heard from within and upon entering, he saw that an enormous cobra had gotten into the birdcage and had devoured his canary.

He quickly ran to get help from his household servants but upon returning to the room, the cobra had vanished.

His manservant, Ibrahim then warned him,“The Pharoah’s serpent, the Wadjet ate the bird because it led us to the hidden tomb! You must not disturb the tomb or we will incur his wrath!”

Howard Carter was clearly shaken but dismissed the warning as superstitious clap-trap


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